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2016 Return to The Dragon: Evergreen Turbo Rally in Stecoah, North Carolina, June 16-19, 2016

2016 Return to The Dragon: Evergreen Turbo Rally in Stecoah, North Carolina, June 16-19, 2016 (downloadable)

2016 Honda First Turbo Club (The Netherlands) 30th Anniversary Rally in Mons, Belgium Aug. 26th-29th

2016 Honda First Turbo Club (The Netherlands) Mons Rally Registration Form

2016 Exotentreffen (Netherlands) Exotics 24th Anniversary Rally

2015 Honda First Turbo Club (The Netherlands)/ ITT International Turbo Treffen Rally Aug. 28-30 in Sneek at Stayokay - FAQs On Facebook

2015 Norge (Norwegian) Turbo Rally June 12-14 in Lom - more on UKHTA and Turbo Tim's Facebook pages

More 2014 rally coverage on Honda CX Turbo Association (UK) and Honda CX Turbo Club Norway Facebook Pages

2014 UKHTA and German CX-T Owners Rally Photos on Tim Turboracer's Facebook Page

2012 Norwegian Turbo Club CX Turbo Rally Report

2011 TMIOA Turbo Rally XXI Report - More Turbos In The Poconos!


Michael Lee “Mike” Chestnut Passes Away 05/03/16

Mike Chestnut Obituary (unofficial)

Yamaha Turbo Fuel Starvation Problem Forum Disscussion - http://tmioa22687.yuku.com/topic/2456/Petcock-Leak

Yamaha Turbo Fuel Leaking Into Crankcase Problem Forum Discussion - http://tmioa22687.yuku.com/topic/2069/Fuel-check-valve

Dateline 02/17/16 - Estate sale of eighteen Yamaha Turbos in California!

New! - die Wurstchen has done it again. Even more mods to his Kaw Turbo. Now 200 hp! - when will it end?

New! - TMIOA Tech Manuals CD now contains the elusive Z1-R TC Owners Manual

The friendly fellows over at the HFTC (Dutch) Parts Commission have found replacement Honda Pro Link bushings

Mort finds Moto Morini 500 Turbo Prototype archives on Dutch Moto Morini website

Honda OE Air Filter Element Replacement!

Suzuki Recursion brings back the Turbo!

Fix for Kawasaki Turbo clutch dampers

Gas Cap Venting Fix for Yamaha Turbo

Turbo People Lane S.

Pb Sensor Replacement for Honda Turbos

RaceTech offers modern suspension for factory Turbos

Free Turbo News back issue with every order until supplies last!


This Website is the most comprehensive assemblage of information in the world on factory turbocharged motorcycles.

It is dedicated to the dozens of people who selflessly volunteered to benefit the association's members, the hundreds of Turbo Rally participants who always supplied interesting entertainment whenever and wherever Turbos gathered, and to the thousands of worldwide Turbo owners and enthusiasts who continue to express an interest in these rare and unique motorcycles.

Turbo Tim says, "Ride 'em – don't hide 'em!"

"Several times in the past 25 years I’ve considered replacing the Turbo, but I enjoy its rarity and I can’t find another motorcycle with the wind protection, ability to comfortably cover 500 miles of two-lane roads in a day, and the addictive “stronger as it goes faster” power of a turbocharged engine. Even today, the Yamaha Turbo offers a thrilling ride every time you twist the throttle - and have the guts to hold it there." Winding Road Motorcycle Times (March-April '07). 


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